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Best Practice in Planning, Forecasting and Operational Performance Measurement in Manufacturing Companies for a competitive Advantage.

macs software fills a gap in ERP – Collaborative Planning between Sales, Finance, Operations and Purchasing with reducing cost and increasing profit as a target.

macs users gain more value from their ERP systems by filling a fundamental gap in ERP in terms of cost and management accounting

  • Forecasting Cost and Customer Profitability – eliminate spreadsheets for better collaboration
  • Understanding Operating Cost Structure in terms of Variable and Fixed Infrastructure
  • Developing accurate Work Center Activity Rates for ERP – Best Practice using Bill of Resources
  • Managing Capacity Utilizationand Idle Capacity Cost in Budget and Forecast
  • Measuring Operational Performance “Actual vs Target” of Materials and Overheads
  • “What-If” – Profit Scenario Planning– applying alternative BOMs and routing Cost Views
  • and more …

If you are interested in hearing a brief overview to an integrated business planning solution for profit optimization, take your ticket for a free and virtual macs presentation with one of our subject matter experts with international experience.


Date Theme
coming soon Solutions Overview 30 min incl. Q&A
The Journey to Best Practice in Cost and Profit Management in Manufacturing
Especially for CFO, VP Sales & Marketing, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Analyst, Cost Account, Costing Manager.
coming soon Overhead Cost Management
Marginal Costing as the Core of the Solution
A special event for Financial Planning & Analysis, Cost Account, Costing Manager
coming soon Profit Management
Integrated Business and Scenario Planning Process
A special invitation to CFO, VP Sales & Marketing, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Analyst, Cost Account, Costing Manager

macs Benefits:

  • Understand and manage customer and product profitability
  • Accurate product cost for better pricing support
  • Cost savings through monitoring productivity targets of all resources
  • Increased overall profitability
  • … and much more – like for example:

We automate the data flow from various source systems to macs and from macs to various target systems such as e.g. EXCEL. Mac users acknowledge that they spend less time manipulating data and more time analyzing data to reap the benefits of providing critical business decision support.

If you favor a personal presentation, write us and this will be arranged for you.

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